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180 Excavator

Product Description

This course will provide you with the basic skills, knowledge and information to safely operate a 180 Excavator Backhoe & Bucket (JCB)

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Product Specification

A backhoe loader, also called a loader backhoe, JCB is a digger in layman's terms, or colloquially shortened to backhoe within the industry, is a heavy equipment vehicle that consists of a tractor like unit fitted with a loader style shovel/bucket on the front and a backhoe on the back. Due to its (relatively) small size and versatility, backhoe loaders are very common in urban engineering and small construction projects (such as building a small house, fixing urban roads, etc.) as well as developing countries.

This type of machine is similar to and derived from what is now known as a TLB (Tractor-Loader-Backhoe), which is to say, an agricultural tractor fitted with a front loader and rear backhoe attachment.

Product Features

Basic Training 5 to 10 Days/Refresher Training 1 to 2 Days

Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 & ACOPS
Site safety – area hazards and risk assessment
Stability & safe working loads
Pre-start checks
Manoeuvring, stop / start

Securing pins and quick hitch release systems
Loading shovel techniques and hazards
Excavation safety and attachments
Practical operations and loading of vehicles
Place machine in and out of service condition

Theory Test

Practical Test

ISO 9001ISO 45001 CertifiedSOA Approved centreTHTHUVDBLEEA