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Product Specification

Anyone who obtained their car licence after 1st Jan 1997 can also drive a minibus on a car licence only if all the conditions listed below are met:
The minibuses is being driven in the UK and not a road
Is not towing a trailer
The driver is at least 21 years old
The driver has possessed a car licence for at least 2 years
The driver is operating the minibus on a voluntary basis and is only offered cover for out of pocket expenses ( no payment allowed ) as a driver
The vehicle weighs no more than 3500kg (maximum authorised mass) or 4250kg if the vehicle has additional equipment such as a passenger lift to allow the carriage of disabled passengers.
The minibus is being used for social / non commercial purposes / by a non commercial operator

Another variation / rule is if a driver is over 70 years he/she can still drive legally on a car licence the driver must pass a PCV Medical and shown by the code of either 120 or (NFHR).

Product Features

PCV Categories Explained
Category D1. As seen earlier on this page above allows you to drive a minibus up to 16 seats, no longer than 8 metres in length and trailers are allowed up to 750kg.
Category D1+E. This enables you to do the same as a D1 above but allows for heavier trailers to be towed. Worth noting the trailer must not outweigh the vehicle doing the towing and both trailer and vehicle combined must not be over 12 tonnes.
Category D. The category D licence is for Bus and Coach drivers who will be operating with more than 16 passengers and with trailers up to 750kg.
Category D+E. This is the last and most advanced of the Cat D licences you can obtain. It enables you to drive a bus or coach with more than 16 passengers and towing a trailer heavier than 750kg. You also of course receive the acquired rights on all the other Category D licence types mentioned above.

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