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Rescue from confined spaces

Product Description

Courses for emergency response teams to deal with a variety of rescue situations in hostile environments.

Product Specification

This course will provide you with the basic skills, knowledge and information to safely enter a confined space, as part of a rescue team where the confined space has been risk assessed and classified as low, medium or high.
Participants will be able to safely enter a confined space as part of a dedicated rescue team to City & Guilds standard.
Pre Qualification Criteria
Must have attended and passed the Confined Spaces High Risk

Product Features

Basic Training 3 Days/Refresher Training 1 Day
Relevant Legislation
Duties under the Regulations, preventing the need for entry
Risk Assessment and hazard identification
Atmospheric hazards and gases, Principles and use of gas detectors
Roles, responsibilities and top man / bottom man duties
Inspection and use of escape sets and working breathing apparatus
Pre use checks, correct donning & adjustment of harness
Inspection and applications of tripods, winches and fall arrest equipment
Prepare and use self contained breathing apparatus
Use rescue equipment safely
Follow procedures and work safely
Carrying out emergency rescue and recovery of casualties from a confined space
Use general knowledge for carrying out emergency rescue
Use water industry knowledge for carrying out emergency rescue
Prepare to work safely in confined spaces under emergency conditions
Enter and exit confined spaces safely
Prepare and use breathing apparatus in accordance with manufacturers' specifications
Use rescue equipment safely and in accordance with manufacturers' instructions
Deal with emergencies
Theory Test
Practical Assessment

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