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Product Description

This course will provide you with the basic skills, knowledge and information to safely operate a Sideloader Forklift Truck
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Product Specification

The Side loader lift truck, also known as a Side loader Forklift is the most commonly used type of lift truck and is found in nearly all workplaces which require the use of a fork lift truck.
A Side loader Forklift Truck comes in many shapes, sizes and lifting capacities whether it's a 4 wheeled Diesel to LPG powered machines with a lifting capacity up to 50 tonne. Most common Side loader Forklift types have a lifting capacity of up to 15000kgs.

Product Features

Basic Training 5 Days/Existing operators 3 Days/Conversion Training 2 Days/Refresher Training 1 Day
Operators safety code, legislation, regulations and procedures
Introduction to the truck
Controls and instruments
Identify main components/ functions/operating controls
Basic control techniques
Start, moving, stopping and steering the truck
Pre-use checks
Steering in unrestricted and restricted areas
Hydraulic system and its use
Weight assessment and lift truck stability
Handling unladen and laden loads and racking system use
Vehicle loading and unloading procedures
Refuelling procedures
Work safely in a productive environment
Park-up and Shut Down
Theory Test
Practical Test

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