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Mainport Training, established over 20 years, offers a wide range of industrial training courses at regional Training Centres and numerous Training Sites throughout the UK. - Go To Our Home Page
Train the Trainer: Instructional techniques

Product Description

This courses provide the essential skills needed to maximise the effectiveness in improving the skills of your staff.
Candidates must have received Basic Training in the subject they wish to teach before attending this course

Product Specification

We deliver courses dedicated to developing, delivering, and being a great trainer. It is ideal for trainers, managers, supervisors and anyone else who needs to inform, instruct, supervise or train others.
And if you want a bespoke course tailored to your needs, we will do this at no extra charge.

Product Features

Basic Training 2 Day/Refresher Training 1 Day
Relevant Legislation
The role of the trainer and responsibilities
The role of the HSE
The candidate's learning experience
Planned learning
Analysis of learning assimilation
The Practical Lesson: Structure and Elements
Structure of split structure lessons
Preparation of equipment and Training Area
Instructional Techniques
Preparing Lesson Plans
Preparation and delivery of classroom lesson
Practical Lesson composition & delivery
Theory Test
Practical Test

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