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Offshore Rigging

Product Description

For those involved with the selection, inspection, use, care and storage of lifting accessories and non-powered lifting equipment

Product Specification

Aimed at personnel responsible for the issue and control of lifting equipment from a rigging loft

What are the aims of the course?
To provide delegates with a better knowledge and understanding of the legal and practical requirements in running an operational rigging loft and the inspection of lifting equipment

Product Features

Basic Training 2 Days
Health & safety legislation
Introduction to rigging loft operations
Procedural operation of a rigging loft and the inspection of lifting equipment and accessories
Procedure for the control of quarantined equipment
Recording and registration of lifting equipment Practical section:
Portable lifting equipment examination/inspection procedures
Inspection of lifting equipment
Equipment register & control documents Duration

ISO 9001ISO 45001 CertifiedSOA Approved centreTHTHUVDBLEEA