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Radio Watchman

Product Description

To enable successful delegates to correctly prepare for watchman operations of hazardous work activities, including correct procedures and techniques of radio communication.

Product Specification

To equip the delegate with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to perform the role of the Offshore Radio Operator during Emergencies effectively.
The target group for the Offshore Radio Operator during Emergencies Initial Training Programme is personnel who are appointed to, or to be appointed to, the role of an Offshore Radio Operator during Emergencies.

Delegates must hold a valid CCA issued Offshore Radio Operator's Certificate of Competence or another recognised relevant statutory certificate covering the operation of aeronautical and marine radio communications equipment.

Product Features

Basic Training 1 Day
The role of the Radio Operator
Offshore emergency response arrangements
The relevant regulations
Maintaining a state of readiness To successfully complete this training, delegates must able to demonstrate:
Responding to an emergency
Establishing communications
Maintaining communications
Closing down communications

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