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Shunter driver

Product Specification

In general the shunter training courses are conducted on-site at the employers' workplace with a maximum ratio of 3 drivers to 1 instructor using the shunter vehicle and trailers the drivers will be required to operate.

Product Features

The yard shunter driver course will start off with an element of classroom theory training.
The training will cover extracts from the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, accident statistics, Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, Work Place Transport Safety, the effects of laden vehicles, adverse weather conditions, the dangers of reversing into buildings and confined spaces, defect reporting and end of shift procedures.
The practical training session for the yard shunter driver will include daily checks on the shunter vehicle and trailer, defect reporting, reversing of vehicles with trailers in a straight line, good side and blind side reversing as well as site specific reversing into buildings, onto loading bays or into a confined space.
The yard driver will be taught the correct safe procedures for the movement, coupling and uncoupling of the various types of trailers which are used on-site by the employer. The driver will also be made aware of the importance in the operation of trailer parking brakes, the associated risks when parking or maneuvering on slopes and the end of shift procedure.

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