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Dumper / Dump Truck Dumper / Dump Truck

Product Description

Front tipping dumpers of all sizes, straight tip or swivel skip, wheeled or tracked. Articulated or rigid rear-tipping dump trucks.
This course will provide you with the basic skills, knowledge and information to safely operate a Forward Tipping Dumper, or a Rear Tipping Dump Truck.
Participants will be able to Drive and operate the Forward Tipping Dumper safely
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Product Specification

Forward tipping dumpers and Dump Trucks are used throughout the land-based and construction industries and are a key piece of machinery on site as they are able to handle a mixture of terrain and carry large loads, making them a flexible piece of equipment.
Our course is for anyone who currently operates or will be required to operate a tracked forward tipping dumper or Dump Truck in the land-based or construction industries.
The course will allow you to develop the skills and knowledge required in order to operate either of these machines safely and confidently.

Product Features

Basic Training 2 Days/Refresher Training 1 Day
Relevant Legislation
Roles and responsibilities
Identify main components/ functions/operating controls
Basic control techniques
Daily Inspection
Operating Techniques
Manoeuvring: steering
Receiving Loads
Transporting Loads
Discharging Loads
Ascend & Descend inclines
Manoeuvre the dumper or dump truck into and around restricted areas
Work safely in a productive environment
Park-up and Shut Down
Theory Test
Practical Test

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