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Skid Steer Loader

Product Description

Wheeled or tracked skid-steer loaders
This course will provide you with the basic skills, knowledge and information to safely operate a Skid Steer Loader.
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Product Specification

A skid loader, skid-steer loader, or skidsteer, or Bobcat is a small, rigid-frame, engine-powered machine with lift arms used to attach a wide variety of labor-saving tools or attachments.
Skid-steer loaders are typically four-wheel vehicles with the wheels mechanically locked in synchronization on each side, and where the left-side drive wheels can be driven independently of the right-side drive wheels. The wheels typically have no separate steering mechanism and hold a fixed straight alignment on the body of the machine.

Product Features

Basic Training 4 Days/Existing operators 2 Days/Refresher Training 1 Day
Introduction to machine
Relevant regulations/legislation
Pre-start inspections/maintenance
General driving (including inclines)
Vehicle loading
Use of 4 in 1 bucket (if applicable)
Controls and instruments
Excavating from bank/stockpile
Daily and routine maintenance
Cleaning of working area
Stockpiling and levelling
Stockpiling and forming ramps
Theory Test
Practical Test

ISO 9001ISO 45001 CertifiedSOA Approved centreTHTHUVDBLEEA