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Loading Shovel

Product Description

Loading shovels of all makes and sizes whether wheeled or tracked.
This course will provide you with the basic skills, knowledge and information to safely operate a Loading Shovel
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Product Specification

When you need to move rock, sand, gravel, coal, silage, sugar etc. in a hurry the loading shovel is often the best and quickest way to do it. However, the size of loading shovels, the quantities of their loads and the speed at which they are often used, are open invitations for accidents to happen.
Visibility issues are a constant cause of accidents with loading shovels and is covered in our training course.

Product Features

Basic Training 10 Days/Existing operators 5 Days/Refresher Training 2 Days
Introduction to machine
Relevant regulations/legislation
Pre-start inspections/maintenance
General driving (including inclines)
Vehicle loading
Use of 4 in 1 bucket (if applicable)
Controls and instruments
Excavating from bank/stockpile
Daily and routine maintenance
Cleaning of working area
Stockpiling and levelling
Deep and shallow excavations
Theory Test
Practical Test

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