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LGV Category C1

Product Specification

With a Category C1 Licence you will be eligible to drive an LGV of between 3,500kg and 7,500kg. You can also add a trailer of no more than 750kg. This vehicle is commonly known as a 7.5 ton, Class 3 or C1, and is typically used for making local supermarket deliveries, or removals.
The training takes between 4 and 5 days, depending on experience.

Product Features

How to gain your C1 licence
Step 1
Order on line (DVLA website) or pick up a D2 pack from the Post Office.
Step 2
Complete the D2 form with your driving licence details. The D4 form needs to be completed by a medical doctor.
Step 3
Once both forms are completed, send off to the DVLA who will take 3-4 weeks to return.
Step 4
Book your LGV theory test (Module 1). You will be asked 100 questions. Book the Hazard Perception test (Module 2). This consists of 19 video clips

Step 5
Once you have passed Module 1 and 2, call us to arrange an assessment or to book your course followed by the DVSA test.

The C1 test lasts approximately 90 minutes. It consists of five show me tell me questions and one reversing manoeuvre off road. 60 minutes are attributed to an on road drive. At the end of the test, the examiner will give you a full debrief along with your result.

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