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B+E Car or van with trailer

Product Description

This course will provide you with the basic skills, knowledge and information to safely tow trailers and hold a B+E category driving licence. Participants will be able to safely tow trailers to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) standard

If you passed your driving test after the 1st January 1997 (including re tests) you must pass a practical category B+E test to tow a trailer which exceeds 750kg on a vehicle weighing 3,500kg; or vehicle and trailer/caravan/horsebox combination over 3,500kg.

Product Specification

The B+E trailer towing test is based on the LGV driving test and lasts for approximately 75 minutes.
The B+E test consists of the following requirements:
The ability to carry out safety checks on your vehicle and trailer
The reversing exercise
The drive
Uncoupling and recoupling

It is important to note that whilst you must be capable of carrying out the manoeuvres and exercises with the trailer, the driving part of the test is carried out up to the LGV driving test standard, therefore assessment and training will cover on-road driving to help ensure your general driving is beyond/above the required standard.

Product Features

Initial assessment of driving ability
Initial assessment of reversing ability
Explanation of the DSA Test and Examiners' marking sheet
Joining traffic and pulling over
Junctions and roundabouts
Basic reversing exercises
Trailer inspection and safety
Vehicle / trailer / axle weight limits
Observation and forward planning
Anticipating actions of other road users
Further reversing exercises / Controlled stop
Starting / stopping: test manoeuvres
Trailer inspection
Coupling / uncoupling procedure
Meeting oncoming traffic
Making safe and reasonable progress
Negotiating parked vehicles and obstructions
Motorway driving
Emergency procedures
Reversing: Test Manoeuvre / Controlled stop
Practice test
Remedial training on areas identified as requiring attention
DSA Practical Driving Test

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