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Tower Scaffold

Product Description

Accredited courses on the safe erection, dismantling, inspection, moving and storage of aluminium mobile tower scaffolds.
Participants will be able to safely erect, dismantle, inspect, maintain, transport and store aluminum scaffold towers
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Product Specification

This course will provide you with the basic skills, knowledge and information to safely carry out the duties of erecting, dismantling, inspecting, maintaining, transporting and storing aluminum scaffold towers.

Product Features

Basic Training 1 Day/Refresher Training 0.50 Day
Relevant Legislation, Regulations and Standards
Introduction to Mobile Access Towers
Types of Mobile Access Towers
Purpose and use
Identification of components and systems
Understanding assembly instructions (Span/Stair)
3T and Advance guardrail techniques
Stability Stabilisers/outriggers
Environmental Hazards
Site Hazards/Accidents Hazards when using MATs
Risk assessments
Preparation and planning
Maximum platform heights Safe Use of Towers
Repositioning Towers
Tower Inspection and reporting
Inspection Platform loading
Care & Maintenance
Higher level towers
Tower Dismantling
Storing and transporting
Theory Test
Practical Test (erecting/dismantling a typical tower)

ISO 9001ISO 45001 CertifiedSOA Approved centreTHTHUVDBLEEA