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Working at height

Product Description

This course will provide detailed knowledge of the Work at Height Regulations 2005 plus the Work at Height (amendment) regulations 2007. Working At Height training course will help your organisation be compliant with these Work at Height Regulations. It will encourage staff to consider the risks associated with working at height, plan ahead using risk assessments and follow safe procedures while undertaking work.

Product Specification

Participants will be able to comply with current legislation and will understand the differences between preventatives, protective, collective and personal control measures.

Product Features

Basic Training 1 Day/Refresher Training 0.50 Day
Overview of working at height regulations
PUWER (Provision and use of work equipment regulations)
PPE regulations (Personal Protective Equipment)
Employers safety duties and responsibilities
Employees safety duties and responsibilities
Risk assessment of hazards associated with height
Problems Associated with Safe Working at Heights
Safe Systems of Work
Passive Safety Systems
Restraint Systems
Fall Arrest Systems
Fall Arrest Equipment Introduction
Pre Use Inspection
Donning a Safety Harness
Safe Use of Associated Equipment
Anchorage Point Identification
Horizontal Safety Systems Vertical Safety Systems
Temporary Safety Products
Working locations and conditions
Access equipment and ladder safety
Ladders, Landing Places
Openings, Corners, Breaks, Edges and Joisting
Roof Work (Flat roofs/Sloping roofs/Steep roofs etc.)
Fragile Roofing Materials
Equipment for working at height
Scaffold, Towers
Mobile Elevated work platforms
Confined spaces
Work over Water
Theory Test

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