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Offshore Banksman

Product Description

A course designed for personnel who are required to recognise safe conditions for lifting, and direct crane operations via radio command and hand signal.

Product Specification

A Banksman & Slinger is responsible for ensuring safety in crane, rigging and slinging operations. This Banksman & Slinger training will enable you to undertake the role and preserve the safety of all crew members.
This course is designed for all personnel who are interested in carrying out Banksman & Slinger operations.

Product Features

The Banksman & Slinger Course covers the following topics:
Regulations and Safety issues
Introduction to Lifting Roles & Equipment
Prepare for the lift
Carry out the lift
Restoring the Work Area
Banksman duties
Communications and visibility
Principles of Slinging
The role of the Banksman & Slingers in a planned lift

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