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DGSA Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

Product Description

n response to an EU Directive, all undertakings generally involved in the transport by road and rail, of dangerous goods will have to appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA).
The general duty of the DGSA is to advise the head of the undertaking on how to achieve the safe transport and handling of these goods, in compliance with national and international Regulations. The DGSA has to be qualified by passing examinations conducted by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), as agents for the DfT & DSA.

Product Specification

his Course is designed to prepare Candidates for the Road (All Classes) Examinations and comply with current road transport regulations in the safe transportation of dangerous goods.

The course is divided into sections/parts dealing with the chapters of the European Transport Regulations (ADR), UK Domestic Regulations and the Emergency Action Code List (E.A.C), which accompanies the UK Regulations.

This course covers the required regulations that must be understood and complied with by consignors, carriers, drivers and all other staff who are involved in the road transport of dangerous goods. The training required for a DGSA is detailed in chapter 1.8 of ADR. The course is intensive; it involves 5 days classroom study. During the week, overnight exercises to reinforce and confirm the Regulations are understood. Finally, candidates will be given further study work to complete after the course. Candidates are encouraged to email Chemfreight for feedback to their answers.

Product Features

Basic Training 2 Days/Refresher Training 1 Day
Understand and apply both ADR and UK Domestic Regulations
Understand your responsibilities
Classify dangerous goods according to the type of hazard and degree of danger
Identify dangerous goods correctly
Understand and apply information contained in the list of dangerous goods, Table A chapter 3.2 of ADR
Correctly identify marking and labelling requirements
Document consignments correctly
Identify correct transport requirements in accordance with the regulations

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