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Fire warden

Product Description

This course is designed for members of staff nominated as fire wardens.
In buildings in which a roll call after evacuation is ineffective due the continuous movement of people in and out of the building, designated Fire Wardens should be appointed for each area of the building.
Participants will be able to, in the event of a fire, ensure that their areas are evacuated to the fire assembly point to an In House standard

Product Specification

Often with various differing names attached to it, a Fire Warden or Fire Marshall is a person in the workplace who has been given the responsibility of managing people to safety in the event of a fire related situation.
Nominated Fire Wardens can be absolutely crucial in the event of a fire in the workplace. While everyone will generally have some knowledge of how best to react to fire in the workplace, it is the Fire Wardens duty to be fully up to date on a range of factors relating to fire, to ensure maximum potential for fire prevention, and safe evacuation if prevention isn't possible.

Product Features

Basic Training 1 Day/Refresher Training 0.50 Day
Duties of fire wardens
Fire safety legislation
Common causes of fire
Methods of fire separation
Fire safety check (practical)
Fire detection & fire alarm systems
Fire safety precautions
Fire drills and evacuation
Ensure that escape routes are clear
Identify hazards in the workplace
Record and report observations
Human behaviour in fire situations
Action on discovering fire
Ensure that the alarm has been raised
Actions on hearing the alarm
Evacuation procedure
Evacuate staff from the building
Action when the evacuation signal is heard
Ensure that everyone leaves the area as quickly and orderly as possible
Ensuring that security measures, such as closing fire-resistant safes, are undertaken
Electrical equipment should also be turned off and windows shut if possible
A rapid, methodical search should be undertaken to ensure that on-one remains in storerooms, toilets and similar areas
When carrying out the sweep, doors and windows should be closed
Persons encountered with mobility problems may need assistance
Report to Fire Marshal
Theory Test
Practical Assessment

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