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Traffic marshall

Product Description

This course fits the purpose of a Banks man / yardman and are designed to provide your staff with the correct training and information to ensure that your company meet the legal requirements and will also reduce the risk of accidents when carrying out reversing manoeuvres.

Product Specification

This course trains staff to reverse vehicles safely and avoid accidents.
Traffic Marshal (Vehicle Banks man) training is an effective way of improving the overall safety of a working environment where vehicles are required to reverse or perform maneuvers. Traffic Marshals (Banks man) are a legal requirement on many sites and events, and recommended for any site or event where control and reversing of vehicles is unavoidable.
Nearly a quarter of all workplace transport injuries occur when vehicles are reversing. Traffic Marshals (Vehicle Banks man) offer drivers a trustworthy second perspective while maneuvering to play a key part in reducing accidents.

Product Features

Basic Training 1 Day/Refresher Training 0.50 Day
Employee Duties
Safety Culture
Safety Signs and Signals
Traffic Management
Law regarding traffic management
When it is not safe for a vehicle to be allowed access
Risk Management for directing vehicles
The identify potential hazardous areas within the site
To understand the key issues arising out of reversing and maneuvering
Identify areas of danger for reversing vehicles
Safeguarding pedestrians in an area where vehicles are reversing
Demonstrate recommended HSE code of hand signals and reversing procedure
Theory Test
Practical Assessment

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