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Use of fire extinguishers

Product Description

This course will fulfil the fire extinguisher training requirement for staff under current fire legislation for a period of 1 year. Participants will be able to understand the procedures of dealing with fires in the work place to an In House standard

Product Specification

An outside area suitable for using fire extinguishers on several small fires without causing annoyance to neighbours.

Product Features

Basic Training 1 Day/Refresher Training 0.50 Day
Relevant Legislation
Theory session
Combustion and fire triangle
Fire classification
Classes A, B, C, D, E & F fires
First aid fire fighting equipment
Types, use and limitations
Practical session
Fire Extinguisher Use
Use of portable extinguishers on class A, B & C fires
Fires involving electrical equipment
Use of fire blankets
Practical location
Conducted outside area the size of 4x parking spaces (when weather permits)

ISO 9001ISO 45001 CertifiedSOA Approved centreTHTHUVDBLEEA